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Clay has lived in the Treasure Valley for the majority of his life. He studied, engineering, business, and music during his college career. In 2015 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business administration at NNU. After graduation Clay embarked on a journey to hike the 1000 mile Idaho Centennial Trail. Passionate about the world, Clay never stops striving to learn about all that it has to offer. In his free time he enjoys carpentry, table top games, rafting, hiking, enjoying time with his friends, wife Alysson and their numerous furry critters, but most of all he loves to Travel. Through his many adventures he has found that no place is quite as amazing as Idaho. From the kind and welcoming communities, to the rushing rivers, to the snow capped mountains, Idaho has captivating uniqueness that fuels every aspect of his life. Grateful for Idaho and its people, Clay strives to be a friend to all and treat everyone he meets with love, compassion, and honesty.


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